EasIR-4 by NOR-PRO Infrared - The only super-low-priced Autofocus IR Thermal Camera in the world 2011 - Thermal Thermo Camera Thermography Insulation Isolering Thermometer for Blowerdoor Doorfan-s
EUNIR Systems NV. ( Denmark ) & Guide Infrared ( China ) & presents: EASIR-4-U THERMOGRAPHY CAMERA SERIES  Termografi - Vi tilbyder consult og træning i følgende producenters produkter og anvendelser: IR Termo-kamera Infrarød-t Termometer Temperatur Thermografi Varme Isolering Tab Kulde Wuhan Guide infrared Ltd. EasIR-4, M2, M3, M4, M6, M8, TP8S, TP8, IR210, IR213, N-DRIVER, n-BOAT, NIGHT-VISION, CVS, BLACK BODY's, TROTEC SDS S-80 TRO-TEC IC-60 IC-80 IC90-ex IC-100 IC-120 Byg-analyse Bygningstermografi Blowerdoor Termografi GD-I's IC60 GD-Iinstruments-IR S-120 Infrarødt Kamera IR Termokamera Termocam Thermo Camera Varmekamera GD-I GTROTEC TROTEC GD-I's IC60  S-120 ULIS Sofradir UFPA Infrared Camera Infrarød Varmekamera IR Camara Varmetab & Infrarød Software PC PDA Värmekamera Mammografi x-ray røngten High-Performance IR Thermo Kamera til lav-pris laveste pris lavpris low-cost price

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First & Only - Low Priced High 50Hz- Speed IR Camera in the world with real Autofocus and Real-Time IR data Video Recordings
Robust 2 mtr drop test - High Performance IR camera with very large 3,6 inch LCD screen. Free Pro IR multi Active R/T software.

Please carefuly see below and compare with any other camera you find on the world market ( nov dec 2009 ) !

Rubber protected all around for 2 mtr drops.

Invest is nearly too much to say when the IR camera is so cheap - but with EasIR™-4 you get the fastest pay-back IR-cam solution in year 2011.

Guide Infrared opens a large new market in the industrial temperature measurement with its our new 2011 EasIR-4 model.
Ergonomically designed for left or right hand handing, and a trigger button makes it easy to shoot-and-save in one operation.
it is an ideal tool for routine thermal inspection of nearly any kind, because of the extreem good technical data and capacities opf EasIR-4.

EasIR™-4 lowcost with extreeme IR data :

0,10°C. @ 30°C. @ 50 Hz. - +-2°C./+-2% in full range and 50Hz. - ( yes it's a real thermal infrared camera !)

With super rugged housing and rubber protection, EasIR™-4 give you protection even from a 2 meter drop to ground.
EasIR-4 is so far more robust and shock-resistant for any tough working environment.

Featured with latest PIP & IR fusion technology, it helps you pinpoint the problem exactly with the most efficiency.

EasIR™-4 is unbeatable for trouble shooting electrical installations, electro-mechanical equipment, building inspection - it's just limited by your imagination !

EasIR™-4 give you more : (all this we do include in our prices of the standard system )

Drop Test from 2 meters hight.


60 Hz. frame speed operation gives no shaked still recordings

Realtime video recordings on PC via USB 2 of thermal images and their data in selected speed settings.

Voice recordings up to 60 sec.

IR-Fusion ( DuoVision ) & PIP

3 hours operation time on 4 pcs standard AA alkaline cells !

2 GB mini SD card with adaptor for SD card size.

New Autogate - where lens is included in the internal IR sensor adjustments ( NUC calibrationt ).

Real lens cap which is sealing for dust and rain, it is not just a flap.

Sealed Water Case with precut foam ( not pluged out holes in foam ).

Approval free system - no licenses needed even it is a real 50Hz. thermography camera.

works in all branches as:

Predictive and preventative maintenance
Electricity inspections
Building diagnostics - data for real prof. building inspections
Technical diagnostics
Veterinarian helper
Online inspection - steady mount applications to PC via USB 2
NightVision inspections
Marine & Shipping - also anti hichjacking
Airport and Military area inspections
Security, Police and Anti Terror use ( also steady mount applications to PC via USB 2)

Usefull in any application where mounted outside the operators room via USB cable ( ei.- on top of car or boat roofs etc. )

EasIR™-4 You - with superior functionalities :

Realtime IR recording function on PC by markets best ir tecnical data on any 160x120 pixels ir camera world wide.
AGT: New by Guide only - Auto Gate Technology Calibration - better the old NUC.
Auto Focus - Fast system - works as zip zip !
IR infusion technology - Selective DuoVision at it's best
PIP functions
2 MegaPixels super clear CMOS Photo camera
Ergonomically for handing and easy operation
Large Storage capacity on movable "loose" stadard media
Rugged and Ergronomical designed - fells nice and also approved for 2 mtr drop test.
Friendly interface for convenient use
Flexible battery compatibility - using standard AA cells - also recargable
2 GigaByte Mini SDcard with Normal SDcard converter
Low cost, high performance in every way
Superior Windows platform software for PC / Notebooks includes all :
- Multipage automatic reporting generating sw and templates - Windowbased
- IR RealTime video rec and or playback software included direct in main PC sw.
- IR-Mosaic function -
- IR Fusion design -
- Many palletes -
- Desktop is user designable - adjust readout frames as you like them to show
- Lots of new IR filters and a lot more...
Software is for free and there is no extras - no optional sw. to buy later !
You get a Professional full loaded infrared inspection & auto report generating PC software from us for free
European Designed Camera
European Support and Service Centers placed centrally in Europe for fast support
No Govermant Approvals Needed, so quick delivery, and released for renting, leasing & bring it freely through country boarders


EasIR™-4 you - with perfect Technical data as so:

Sensor made in Europe
Super low span in automode - much better than most
60 Hz speedy IR camera without need for any approvals
Thermal Sensitivity = 0.10° at 30° @ 60Hz. ( low sensitivenes at high speed )
Detector Type Microbolometer UFPA 160×120 pixels, 25µm cells
Spectral range 8~14µm
Filed of View 20.6°×15.5° - anrrow lens for long distance posibility - optional lens program as optionals.
Focus 11mm - as from super closeup to infinity
Image Display 256 level on 4 inch LCD or on PC LCD.
8 palettes ( Building, Rainbow, Iron, Grey, Hot/Cold, etc.)

Built-in digital video CMOS Sensor,1600×1200 pixels,224 true colors
External Display 3.6" TFT high resolution color LCD
Temperature Range -20° to 250° (350° optional)
Accuracy ±2? or ±2% of reading
Measurement Modes Spot analysis, IR Fusion

Image Storage
Type 2GB SD card
U-Flash storage in IR cam possible by static IR images and Photos only ( no R/T ), perfect if no SD-card is avaible or it's filled up.
File Format Standard JPEG with data alocation - active thermograms
Voice Annotation 60 seconds
System Status Indication
LCD Display Status of battery, indication of power
Laser Locator - eye safe - less than or equal to 1 mw
Classification Semiconductor A1GalnP Diode Laser used
Power Supply
Type 110/220V AC adaptor/ AA Alkaline batteries
Operating Time Over 3 hours continuous operation
Charging System AC adapter or in external battery charger

Environmental Specification
Operating Temperature -10° to 40°
Storage Temperature -20° to 60°
Humidity Operating and storing 10% to 95%, non-condensing
Encapsulation IP54
Shock Operational: 25g. IEC 68-2-29
Vibration Operational: 2g. IEC 68-2-29
Drop Test 2 meters
Interface : USB 2.0 Real-time image (thermal & visual), realtime measurement and voice annotation transfers to PC
Physical Characteristics : Size 111 mm x 124 mm x 240 mm.
Weight 0.73 kg. ( including battery )
Colors: Yellow & Grey interlaced or Red & Black interlaced alternative for you to chose from.

The yellow & blue on the photos on this site is not avaible - prototybe photos only !

All specifications and functions are subject to change without prior notice.

More info at

Described company name and model are brand name or registration of trademark of Wuhan Guide Infrared Ltd. - China.


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